About Aviva


Aviva Duncan is an Australian-born Hong Kong based interior designer, stylist and curator. As a Bachelor of Fine Art graduate from Savannah Collage, Aviva is classically trained in visual arts and interior architecture. She is passionate about the potential of transforming spaces which speak to the individual needs of her clients and bringing unique artistic elements into everyday life.

Aviva Duncan Design is committed to delivering bespoke designs both commercially and privately. Aviva has the mastery of a broad range of designs with a focus on detail and quality.

We believe good design should uplift the spirit and address the individual needs of each project. Our solutions range from styling, renovating and design through to concept development and strategy for commercial application.

Our mission is centered in the belief that good design is integral to wellbeing and improving how people live in their homes and interact with their environment.


Interior Design & Styling
Design Development
Concept Design
Experience Design